For decades, homeowners have spent countless hours duplicating images of mansions contained in the pages of high-end design magazines, draining much of their home-renovation budgets on expensive pictures, rugs, and other items to personalize their homes and give it the aesthetic splendor that only the keen eye of an interior designer could craft.

However, many traditional living areas such as the den, kitchen, and bedroom tend to take precedence over spaces like storage rooms, which are used just as integral to making a house truly feel like a home; the garage, for example, is often left unattended and, in turn, rendered a shabby and forgotten room that feels separate from one’s home, despite its frequent usage and central role in our day-to-day lives.

This is to say that your garage deserves attention, too, and it is perhaps time to give it the much-needed design overhaul it deserves. Not only can it serve as a place to store one’s vehicle and hardware tools, but it can secondarily operate as a comfortable getaway from the overused rooms within the confines of one’s home. Indeed, if one is prone to working on automotive repairs, it’s important to create a comfortable and stylish office in which to practice this trade or hobby – fixing up the space will allow you to take seriously any DIY project you choose to fixate on.

There are, no doubt, a few things that need to be considered if such a design overhaul is to occur. The following, then, will probe some elements that ought to be scrutinized by the everyday homeowner looking to change the dynamic of their garage and its many offerings as a space.

DIY Versus Hired Experts

it’s important to determine who will do the crux of the work, and whether you will undertake the design overhaul as a DIY project or hire a group of experts – indeed, this can make all the difference in terms of budgeting. While experienced DIY’ers may want to tackle a basic garage facelift, a design change involving more advanced elements such as plumbing, electrical work or carpentry, would require the homeowner would bring in a coordinated team of experts, who can evaluate the garage and they can craft a design plan to rival the rest of the home.

When you finally decide it’s time to take seriously the beauty of your garage, you might be seeking professional help to make the most of the design project; if you happen to live in the Greater Toronto Area ResCom Designs is an excellent option – not only can they help you figure out the aesthetic that would perfectly match your home, they can give you extensive options about materials and timelines for the design.

Organization And Function

The garage can function to store items such as cars, lawn equipment, and sports paraphernalia. A garage design would include functional and sleek storage solutions to improve the layout exponentially, making the availability of stored items convenient and practical. This is to say that the homeowner ought to be able to locate storage items quickly after a design overhaul. A thoughtful design would consider the homeowner needs such as cabinets versus overhead solutions.


A new design will not only encourage improved organization, it will look better as well. This is not just functional but aesthetically pleasing too. There are so many design options for homeowners to choose such as sports themes with cool color palettes. The garage design can be as thoughtful as any other room in the house.

In conclusion, the garage doesn’t have to be that catch-all storage nightmare for homeowners. After a remodel, they can easily find their items with a garage organizational overhaul. Like the rest of your home, the garage can have that high-end designer look. Depending on the homeowners’ lifestyle, they can find a design to meet their needs. Finally, the kids can put away their things with plenty of room to spare. Experienced homeowners can DIY this project, or they can enlist the expertise of a garage design company. With a design overhaul underway, you’ll be sure to add a great deal of value to your home.

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