Trees in your front or back yard are far more than just aesthetically pleasing entities; they are complex plants that aid in fighting against climate change as well. Plants of all sorts act as natural air filters, taking in carbon dioxide and letting off the very oxygen we need to breath. The single largest contributor to manmade climate change is carbon dioxide, so the more plants that are present, the less greenhouse gases are in the atmosphere. The Edmonton area is home to some of the most beautiful trees and plant life in North America, and it is imperative that these living things are taken care of by professionals, such as Chipps Tree Care and tree removal service. Not only will the aesthetics of trees on your property increase the value of your home but it will also play its own little part in protecting the planet!

Pruning is one of the best services for people who love the trees they already have, but feel they are getting a bit out of control. Pruning the trees back allows you to safely keep your trees healthy and looking good, while at the same time making your property safe for your family and neighbours. Serious injuries can occur if you attempt to trim tree limbs or even prune a tree without the proper tools and training – some small jobs are okay for DIY, just make sure that you do your research. Pruning will also keep your front or back yard looking trim and tidy while giving you and your family plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors. Pruning trees not only changes the way a tree visually looks but also improves the health of the tree, plus, by removing dead or dying limbs from the tree, you allow the tree to use the water and sunshine it receives more efficiently. If you are ever looking to sell your home, trees can also be an important factor towards whether or not a potential buyer makes an offer on the house; trees can and will add value to your home if properly taken care of by professionals.

To ensure that the work being done at your home is up to spec you should check that the company in question is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (or ISA). ISA certifications ensure that the professional coming to your home has received all of the proper training, has passed a rigorous examination and is prepared to tackle any challenges that he or she may face. Trees are needed now more than ever so it is absolutely imperative that the utmost care is given to them by calling in those who have received the proper training to work with and preserve them.

The Edmonton area is known for its beautiful foliage and with the additional benefit of air filtration that trees provide, there’s no reason not to cultivate trees. Climate change does not need to cause irreversible damage – by planting more new trees and properly maintaining those in existence, the planet can heal over time in the most natural way possible.

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