These days, closets are often used as both dressing rooms and sitting rooms. They are made durable, convenient and adjustable. Below are some ideas which can help in improving your closet’s functions no matter what its size is.

Make Use of all the Available Space

This means up to the ceiling, down to the floor. You can use the roll-out boxes that might be sitting on your floor to store items you don’t frequently use. In fact, if you have a high ceiling, think about having a third closet pole. For off-season storage, consider less accessible places.

Consider Lighting

Your closet will only work if you get to see what’s inside it. Take advantage of natural light from windows or skylights. If you live in a place where sunlight is not available, artificial lights are your options. Just ensure that the artificial light is between you and your closet’s content. You don’t want to cast a shadow on your stuff inside the closet.


Know in Advance How you will Use the Closet

Before designing the space to make a closet in, consider what you wear and how you want to get dressed. Items that are mostly used must be up around eye levels. Put the less-used ones below and the least-used items high above. The majority of closets usually have too much hanging storage with little drawer storage.

Ensure the Design Consider Visibility of Items

Being able to see your underwear, ties and socks provides you real choices when getting dressed. Accessories like see-through wire bins, drawers that have dividers, glass- or acrylic-fronted drawers and tie racks are great options to choose from to keep your things organized. Ensure you can adjust and move the shelves from one place to another for maximum flexibility.

Think about the Floor

A closet’s floor matters as you will be standing on it on a daily basis. Surely, you want carpets on your floor to warm your feet. However, remember that vacuuming the carpets in closets is not easy. Consider vinyl or wood for easy cleaning.

Ensure Humidification and Airflow in the Closet

This helps in ensuring that your closet won’t become a breeding ground for insects, mildew and mold. To help in pulling air through your closet even on a closed door, consider using a bathroom-size fan. Also, you don’t really need a big humidifier to keep things from having a stale taste. A small one will already do the trick.

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