Quick Guide To Different Kinds Of Mattresses

Quick Guide To Different Kinds Of Mattresses
Quick Guide To Different Kinds Of Mattresses

Finally, you have decided to replace your mattress, but how do you choose the next one? Mattresses are expensive to say the least, and you would want the product to last for a decade, at the least.

There are varied kinds of designs, styles and options in the market today, which can be confusing. To make things simple, we have enlisted the best kind of mattresses available currently.

  1. Innerspring mattresses. These have spring systems inside and are great for people who like that bouncy effect. The coil gauge, spring shape and design can largely influence the overall feel, and on the top, you have additional padding for extra comfort. More coils mean better support.
  2. Memory foam mattresses. These are made of polyurethane foam of very high density. In fact, it is the density of the foam that determines the price of the product. The sleep gets the support from the foam, and the mattress will contour to his body perfectly. Companies like Bed Expert have a great collection to choose from.
  3. Pillow-top mattresses. Well, some mattresses have an extra layer of upholstery on the top, which almost feels like a pillow, and hence the name. This layer can be made up of foam or fiber and adds to the comfort of the sleeper.
  4. Hybrid mattresses. These are designed with a coil system and foam support, more like a hybrid between innerspring and pillow-top mattresses. Such mattresses may have foams that are filled with gel, as well, depending on the design.

    Quick Guide To Different Kinds Of Mattresses
    Quick Guide To Different Kinds Of Mattresses
  5. Exclusive foam mattresses. These products may have more than one kind of foam for that added support. Besides memory foam, latex or polyurethane might be used in the design. There are a few brands that do customize mattresses for customers on request.
  6. Gel mattresses. These are made of foam that contains gel to offer that extra level of support. The gel might be present in both foam and upholstery.
  7. Latex mattresses. If you are not fond of memory foam, the next best option of latex foam, which can be used in the support system and upholstery. Go for plant based latex foam mattresses, which can last for years.
  8. Basically, these mattresses have a special chambers containing water. You can further divide them into soft-side and hard-sided mattresses.

Check online now to get the best deals on quality mattresses, and make sure that you go for something superior, which can last for long.

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