Air frost happens when the ambient temperature plunges to the freezing point of water or descends below this mark. The temperature is measured at a height that is at the minimum of one metre aboveground. Therefore, that chill in the air that you feel often can be attributed to this type of event. The residents in Stowmarket know a lot about this occurrence as 48 air frosts are normally expected in this market town each year.

A Different Type of Heat

This type of chill is also the reason why multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves are highly prized in this part of the UK. That is because the logs in a wood-burning stove provide a one-of-a-kind warmth that is cosy and lingering because this type of stove emits heat long after the fire dies. This makes the heat different than other forms of heat, even the heat from an open fire. In fact, open fires often consume some of the warmth that they transmit, thereby making a room feel somewhat glacial at times.

Why Wood Is a Better Source of Heat

As a result, Clearview stoves in Stowmarket are popular heating units, which can be attested to by such businesses as Opulence Stoves. Whilst heat sources such as gas and oil are derived from non-renewable energy such as fossil fuel, wood can be replaced. Even if electricity is not sourced directly from fossil fuel, most of it is generated by the burning this antiquated fuel derivative.

Wood Is a Renewable Energy Source

Therefore, burning wood is a positive activity as you can replace a tree. However, you cannot replace the fossil fuels that have taken over thousands of years to form. Plus, wood fuel is carbon neutral. This means that wood that is burned in any of the traditional stoves featured by such companies as Opulence Stoves will not add to the level of carbon dioxide. Whilst it is true that wood-burning stoves do produce carbon dioxide, the carbon that is transmitted is neutralised by trees that will eventually replace the wood.

In order to choose one of the wood-burning stoves featured by such companies as Opulence Stoves, you first need to consider the size or the output of energy. If you want to heat your home environment properly, this is an important consideration.

A Moderately-Sized Stove Takes Care of Most People’s Heating Needs

That does not mean, though, that you necessarily need a large stove for a large space. All stoves of this type will give out a good heat output if they are loaded optimally. However, you also do not want to install too small of a stove as the heat output may be insufficient during the wintertime. Plus, if you load a small stove with too much wood, you can reduce the lifespan of the device.

Besides considering size, you also need to review the insulation of the room and take note of any spots with a series of windows. All of this information must be surveyed before you make a solid choice for a multi-fuel or wood-burning appliance.

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