As they say, a picture says a thousand words. With this, there is no excuse to not use photos when decorating your home. Whether it is a family portrait or snaps from your recent vacation, they can be used in more ways than one to add a design element in any space.

To make the photos even more special, make sure that you shoot them on your own. Consider camera lens rental if you do not have the equipment needed. This is an affordable way to have the tools necessary to shoot pictures that you can incorporate into the design of your house.

If you are searching for a place where you can rent lenses and cameras, BorrowLenses can extend a helping hand. Here, you can rent the gears needed to take photos that can be used for your home décor.

  1. Fill the Entire Wall

When it comes to decorating your home with pictures, one thing that you can do is to fill the wall. You can create an entire gallery out of the wall. If you want it to appear formal, choose the same frame designs but of different sizes. If you want it less formal, on the other hand, experiment with different shapes and designs of frames. This is sure to be a great focal point and a conversation starter when you have guests.

  1. Install a Photo Clocks

Clocks should never be boring. It should not only be a functional piece at home but should also be a decorative accent. Consider the idea of having a custom clock with your family photo. Choose twelve photos of the family and gather it around on a circle. Add clock hands in the center. The latter, however, is a technical task that needs to be handled by the pros. You can also have a small personalized clock with a family picture as the background.

  1. Hang in a String

Do you like taking photos using a Polaroid or an Instax? If you have small printed photos, make the most out of it by hanging them in a string and display it at home. This is a good idea for the bedroom. Attach the photos in the string using wooden clips for an added design element. You can also hang fairy lights in the background to make it look even better.

  1. Turn it Into Art

You can also use your photos as art accents at home. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have them printed on a large canvas. This will make the photo look like one of those you can see in a museum or art gallery. Alternatively, you can also consider printing the photos in wood, which will be perfect to add a rustic feel to your house.

Make the most out of your photos. Print them and use them as decorative pieces at home! They are sure to make any space look better!

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