Renovation projects are great way of establishing a strong foothold in the realty business. Old, run-down homes can turn out to golden pots of opportunity. Once these renovation projects are completed, they can really help somebody establish in the market and make a name for themselves.

However, renovation projects can also be tricky because you are starting with an existing structure in place instead of starting from ground up. This can bring along its own kind of risk factors. So it is better to adopt a very systematic approach for a renovation project. So the first thing you ought to do is to get a renovation project plan in place. Here is how undertakes a renovation project plan for a client.

Step 1: Assessment

We always start all renovation projects with assessment first. The existing property and structure is thoroughly assessed to understand its existing condition. The assessment report talks about the type of construction that is in place, estimated damage, structurally risky zones, and the type of material used in the construction. All these details are valuable to have when planning the next move.

Step 2: Draw the Project

Once we have the preliminary information, our team of experts will start drawing the renovation plan with different phases involved. The number of phases will depend on the scale of the project. They will draw the preliminary look of the renovated project for each phase and try to get approvals in place for them.

Step 3: Getting Approvals

You as a client have a right to say yes or no to the plans. You can voice your concerns and the team will try to address them. You can share your ideas and thoughts about the plan when it is presented. The team will get back to the drawing board and modify the plan to address your concerns and include your ideas. Once that is done, the plan will be presented to you again. After your approval, the plans will be delivered to you.

Step 4: Handover of Plan Copies

After your approval, the copies of the renovation plan will be handed over to you in 5 hard copies. 2 copies will be signed and sealed by a member of the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec in good faith.

After the renovation plan copies have been handed over and all the necessary legal formalities have been completed, the builder can start working on the project.

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