Moving is one of the most popular businesses nowadays, especially in the USA. Having in mind that an average American moves 12 times in a lifetime, you can imagine how attractive it is to enter the moving industry. Of course, whenever such a situation appears, frauds and scams are appearing in a blink of an eye. This is why you need to be extra careful when searching for movers. We shall discuss here how to escape moving traps and hire the moving company you can rely on.

What kinds of frauds can you expect?

In the beginning, it was quite easy to recognize a company you can’t trust. But as the times goes by, the scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated. They are using your lack of attention and waiting for your mistake to get every penny from your pocket. In most cases, what fraudulent movers do is that you agree to terms verbally, but you sign the contract without reading it. And none of those things you agreed to stands in the contract. So, you end up tricked and paying a lot more money than you expected. Here are the most common moving scams:

  • Extra fees –The movers claimed they won’t charge you additionally for anything, but after your items are in their truck, the story changes. They require that you pay for having the stairs in your home, for extra-weight items, valuable items, packing your belongings etc. Refusing to unload the items until you have fully paid for all the costs.
  • Large up-front payment – The moving company claims that they need you to pay some money in advance, asking you to pay a large percentage of overall price. After you do, you never hear from them again.
  • Stealing your items – The movers come to your home, pack all your belongings into their moving truck, and once the truck leaves your yard, you never see a single item of yours again.

If you want your belongings safely transported – avoid traps when moving home

How to escape fraudulent movers?

Being cautious and keeping your eyes wide open is something we strongly recommend. Read the experiences rom people who were tricked. Pay attention to every detail. Whatever might seem suspicious, make sure to inspect it thoroughly even before taking the company into consideration.

There are three basic steps when searching for a reliable mover:

  • Making sure they have proper licenses and employ experienced moving professionals.

If you want to learn more about the world of moving, which we would strongly recommend if moving home soon, you should read the news from the world of moving. Learn what is trendy, what to expect from your movers and stuff like that.

  • Escape getting robbed. To do this, you should pay attention to the expected moving costs. There are different ways to do this. Some movers offer in-home estimates, while others, those who follow the new trends, implement various sorts of software for moving companies, allowing you to calculate your moving costs directly on the website. If you have an option to use a calculator online, and calculate your moving costs in just a few minutes, it could be easy to compare several moving companies in just a few hours, and it speeds up the process of finding a decent moving company at affordable price. Also, the modern companies also offer software solutions that allow you to track your items while being transported to your new home. That way, you know exactly where your belongings are at any moment.
  • Don’t trust all sources of information. There are different kinds of marketing moving companies use. However, finding an ad online isn’t something you should fully trust. Sure, marketing is something every business uses. But if searching for movers online, do a triple-check, because finding the movers online is the least reliable resource of all.

How to recognize a moving scam?

Search for anything suspicious or unusual. For example, pay attention how the company answers the phone or mail. Do they use the company name or not? Furthermore, do they have a website? Can you find all essential pieces of information on that website? If not, are they willing to answer your questions? Do the workers wear uniforms with logo/name of the company? Do they own or rent trucks? Visit their offices. Is there any reason they seem untrustworthy? If yes, they mostly are. You shouldn’t jump into conclusions, but you should trust your instincts. So thoroughly inspect everything that seems strange. Discuss every tiny detail with the company representatives. You are moving your belongings, so, why would you put them into the hands of someone you are not sure you can trust?

Spot a moving scam before it’s too late

So, how to choose the mover?

Most of people pay attention to the price first. This is why so many moving scams happen, given that the fraudulent movers know this and offer low rates. Therefore, picking the mover based on the price is something you should avoid. We suggest you first pay attention to all we wrote above, and find out if you can trust the mover. After that, make sure that the moving company offers high-quality moving services. Low-quality mover might cause you a lot of troubles. Only after you checked these two important characteristics of moving companies should you compare the prices.

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