An air conditioner is almost a necessity in the peak Indian summers. If you go by the options, there are quite a few, depending on what you want to shell out. Gone are days of Window ACs – split ACs are better and more convenient in more ways than one. There are two kinds of split air conditioners in the market – Inverter and regular. In this post, we will talk about inverter ACs and facts you need to know.

Understanding inverter ACs better

So, what’s the fuss about inverter ACs? This kind of ACs don’t run on inverters, but use what is known as inverter technology. Generally, regular air conditioners have a compressor motor that shuts on and off as required to cool the room. So, when you switch the AC on, the compressor works on a high speed to reach the desired temperature and eventually shuts off, before restarting again as the temperature rises. In case of inverter AC, the compressor has a variable speed, so even if the temperature is set as expected, the compressor motor still runs at a minimal speed. This ensures complete and efficient cooling. Also, the energy consumption of these models is almost 30% less. No wonder, inverter AC price is usually higher.

How to buy one?

You need to check almost the same things as you would for a normal air conditioner. First things first, check the star rating of the product. While inverter ACs consume less power, better star rating just ensures more savings. In the long run, you will save considerably on your monthly bills, despite the high initial cost. The next thing you need to check is the capacity of the air conditioner. Assuming that there are five people in a room, you need a 1.5-ton air conditioner for a room measuring 200 square foot. If you live in a hotter region with summer temperatures escalating beyond 40 degrees, just add 0.5-ton more for effective cooling. It is also wise to consider the warranty on the product. Many brands offer up to 10-years warranty on the inverter compressor, so check for that, as well. Some of the better-known brands include LG, Samsung, and Lloyd.

If you are looking for LG inverter AC, check the online stores first. Many of them have some great offers for credit and debit card users, and you can get additional advantages, such as free installation and brand support. Most of the online stores also have decent discounts on the retail prices, which is a big plus. While inverter ACs are expensive, you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs or other concerns. Check for the best stores now and book your preferred brand after reading product reviews in detail.

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