Sometimes having a space or room in your home dedicated entirely to your own work is just what you need. Whether you use the space for your job, paper work or simply to retire of and get all of your ‘to do’ projects complete, it’s really beneficial to have a dedicated space for working in. Many of us have the intensions to use the dining table to get some work done, but realistically, once you have every little scrap of paper spread out over the table, it’ll come to dinner time and it’s a sudden rush to get tidied. Imagine having a space especially for paperwork and bills, with storage and devices to keep things tidy and in order. Here are a few ways in which you can create the perfect space for working.

The most important factor when it comes to designing a room for you to work in, is that it will work for you. Incorporate features that will help you concentrate, stay focused and stay organised. Having an office is ideal for being able to shut yourself away and concentrate on exactly what you need to. When deciding on the colour of your office, it’s best to stick with colours that will help keep you focused, positive and motivated, such as creams, oranges and browns. These colours all encourage positivity and will help you when you’re hard at work. Your furniture is another important feature. Whether you decide to go for a stylish oak desk, or you would prefer a minimalistic metal desk, choosing a style that will work for you is exactly what you need to do, take a look at online furniture retailers to find the perfect style for your home. It’s best to stick to a theme, so that the room flows nicely and doesn’t distract through the décor. If you go for anything to bold then you may find it creates a busy, distracting atmosphere, instead of the calming one you want to create. Your office chair is one of the items that you need to shop around for, as you need to make sure it’s perfect. Comfort is key in ensuring you can work to the best of your potential, so purchasing a comfortable, supportive office chair is vital. Other beneficial items such as a tall bookcase, to keep any books that may be of use with your work, shelving, to display trophies, photographs, personal items to add your personal touch to your desk, and a filing cabinet to store any bills, receipts and so on, will help to keep your work organised, neat and tidy.

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How you present your desk will again determine the way you work. Having an overcrowded, busy desk will prevent you from being able to relax and concentrate. Having features such as a desk tidy, neat pencil and pen pots, and other items will ensure you can keep your working area net, yet have everything to hand at the same time. Placing photographs or pictures on your desk is always a good idea, giving you motivation and simply adding a personal touch to your work area.

The finishing touches to your office will have quite a large impact on the overall atmosphere. Artwork is always a beneficial item to have in any work space, as you can gain motivation, creativity and inspiration from this and it also works to brighten and revive the room. Choose a piece that is suited to you and your personality, this way you will be able to enjoy the piece and it will highlight your personal style. Other similar features such as photos, flowers to freshen up the space, quirky little gimmicks such as stress balls and novelty items can also help relieve stress, as you’re creating agentle, yet stylish look whilst still having a little bit of fun. However, you decide to design your office, the key is to remember to keep it personal, and focus around what will work best for you.

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