We all know that every house makes funny sounds, some are harmless, while others require attention. There are times when you’ll notice strange noises coming from within your walls and other areas of your home, these sounds can be a result of your plumbing. When you hear some odd noises, you should listen carefully, your home may be trying to tell you something about your plumbing.

Loud Shaking Noises

Some sounds you hear during the night can be quite frightening, especially when it’s dark and difficult to identify the culprit. If you hear a loud shaking noise that sounds like its coming from within your walls, you may have a problem with your pipes.

Pipes will shake naturally when water runs through them, but if the shaking becomes excessively loud, they may be loose and in need of attention. If you need a plumber in Adelaide to investigate your pipes, there are several good companies who can inspect your system. The noise usually comes from loose straps and once fixed the pipes will be properly secured. Most homeowners aren’t comfortable going into their walls, that’s why they contact an expert for professional help.

Hammering Sound

Have you arrived back at your home and turned a tap on, only to hear a distinctive banging sound throughout your property. Plumbers call this a water hammer, this happens when a closed value restricts water flow, the water hits the valve and lets off a banging sound. You’ll hear a clear smacking sound as the rushing water hits the valve in your pipes, this issue can cause several problems including, damage to your pipes and loose components.

This problem occurs when the air chambers in your system get jammed with water, the best way of resolving this issue is to call a professional. A reputable plumber will clear the chambers and replace or repair whatever parts have been damaged.


If you hear a gurgling sound in your home, it usually means something is blocking the drain and water can’t flow through it. As it makes its way down the drain, the water is being blocked by a clog. If it’s happening with every drain you use, it could indicate a problem with your drain vents.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to properly vent your drains, to stop air bubbles in your system. If you need your vents replaced it is advisable to call a skilled plumber.

High Pitched Screech

Have you ever turned on a faucet and heard a high-pitched screeching sound? This happens when you’ve an issue with the faucet that needs expert attention. You may need to replace it, or have it repaired depending on the condition of the piece.

There are numerous sounds you can look out for which may indicate a problem with your plumbing, some sounds are natural, but others are not. If you hear something you’ve never heard before or something just doesn’t sound right, it is better to call a professional and have them assess your plumbing system.

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