As a homeowner, you can manage a lot of daily chores, but pest control is not one of them. As soon as you find pests like ants, bees, cockroaches, fleas or rodents at home, you should call up a pest control service that can take care of the work professionally. Pest control is a risky, messy and complicated job to say the least, and before you hire a company, you should ask a few questions. In this post, we have a simplified list for your help.

  1. How long have you been in business? Are you licensed?

Nothing matters more than experience in pest control. You need a company that has at least a decade of experience in the industry. Licensing is an important aspect too. Like most other sectors of the service industry, pest control companies need to have the necessary licenses and permits for the job. It is also wise to check if the company has a real office and physical address. Don’t work with services that don’t offer a personal feedback and response. Also, if the company takes more than a day or two to respond, you have enough reasons to find other options.

  1. What are your areas of expertise?

Services offered by pest control companies does differ, and you need to know their areas of specialization. Basically, if you have a flea problem at home because of your pets, you cannot hire a service that deals in rat control. Since most companies have their websites these days, finding the relevant details shouldn’t be a problem. You can also call them to ask for an appointment, and the concerned service will send their experts to check the situation.

  1. Are you a green service?

Pest control products have been banned in many countries, because of the possible damage and harm to soil, environment and water. Check if the company uses green products and has an environmental-friendly policy for the job. They need to explain their practices, if they claim to be a ‘green’ company. Knowns services, such as Nature First Pest Control, never shy away from discussing these aspects.

  1. Are you available?

Early signs of pest infestation can be managed easily, if the work starts in time. Check if the concerned company is available to take up the job immediately. In case they ask you to wait for more than a couple of days, find other options.

  1. Do you offer any guarantee on the job?

Yes, you can get a guarantee on pest control services, and ideally, that’s something you should be looking for. There is no point of paying for a service, if the pest problem resurfaces within a week. Also, ask them if they can redo the work in case of a complaint.

Finally, don’t forget to ask for an estimate in advance. Many companies often add charges later, which can be avoided if you have a quote. Of course, choose a service based on experience and not on the price or discount they offer.

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