Whether you have a home-based business or just like the idea of being able to bring home work from the office, having a designated area to work out of is imperative to your productivity and success. It reduces distractions, gives you a place to meet with potential clients, and when equipped properly, provides you with all the resources you need to tackle each business task.

Yet when you’re just starting off in business or have a tight household budget, getting the things you need for a home office might be costly. That is, unless you can be resourceful, creative, and think outside the box. Here are some suggestions on how to furnish your home office on a budget.

Use What You Have

If you already have a desk and chair that can be used in your home office, go ahead and use it. Even if it’s a bit run down you can always upgrade once you start bringing in more money. You can also repurpose other furniture items around the house. For instance, a dresser could serve as storage for office supplies and a side table would be great for holding a printer or fax machine.

Flea Markets

You’ll be surprised what you’ll find at a flea market for your home office. Sometimes things that people no longer have a use for can be put to good use in your own home. As you’re shopping around, however, be sure to test electronic products and even the sturdiness or integrity of other pieces of furniture you’re thinking of buying. Even though they are low prices, it would be pointless to find a deal and get home and the item breaks.

Buy Used Electronics

Do you need a computer, lap top, printer, copier, fax machine, telephone, or television for your home office? These furnishings can be hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars. Instead of going for broke, you can use personal loans for bad credit to buy used electronics. Often, manufactures will take slightly used or damaged items, fix them up, and put them back on the market for a fraction of the cost. Typically, there is some kind of warranty attached so you won’t have to worry about the item breaking down on you later.

Start with the Basics

You might like to fill your home office with everything under the sun, but when you’re just starting out, it may be best to stick with the basics. As long as you have general office needs like a desk, chair, and computer, you can work on getting the rest of what you want over time.

Home offices really are great to have. They give you an uninterrupted space to work from and build upon your success. This is only true, however, if your office is equipped with some of the bare necessities. Instead of spending a ton of money you don’t have by going to office stores and other expensive locations, you can use the above-mentioned advice to get everything you need for free or at a very low price.

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