When it comes to houses, energy bills can easily get out of control. New homes are often equipped with high quality insulation and energy saving appliances. Windows are also a big part of energy efficiency. Aging windows often allow the heat and cool air in a home to escape. Windows are also susceptible to damage from harsh weather. The frames on windows are often the area where damage begins. Depending on the material, they can become stained and rusted. Moisture and heat may also break down the frame until it no longer supports the glass properly. When durability is an issue, new uPVC window frames with double glazing are often used.

Easy Care

Homes take a lot of maintenance. There always seems to be something that needs to be updated, cleaned, or repaired. When uPVC frames are used, there is less maintenance involved. They are not likely to hold onto stains, and they are not susceptible to rust like older metal frames. They can be cleaned by scrubbing them with a textured cloth or sponge to remove any discolouring. A quick cleaning is all you will need to do if you own them. Some frames require sanding to clear the surface. Painting is also a common remedy for traditional frames. This is not necessary with uPVC frames.

Energy Efficient

Energy bills can become enormous during times of extreme heat or cold. This can cause issues when you are on a tight budget. The cost of replacing windows pays for itself by decreasing your energy costs. You can count on uPVC double glazed windows to keep your home heated or cooled comfortably. When air conditioning or heat escapes from your home, you must continue to run the units to get your house to the right temperature. This is how your bills continue to rise. When the windows are sealed properly, however, this problem is eliminated.


When you install new windows, it is important to make sure that they can stand up to harsh weather. You may live in an area that commonly has strong rainstorms or high winds. Windows with uPVC frames are made to withstand these types of situations. You can have confidence that windows will not be displaced during the rainy season. Sunny weather is a great asset for those that enjoy the outdoors. It can, however, wreak havoc on poorly constructed windows and frames. Quality uPVC frames are less likely to fade during relentless sunshine and heat. This durability can be expected to last for many years, as well.

Your home should be affordable and comfortable. The right windows can help you enjoy your home and help keep your utility bills low. Windows with double glazing and uPVC frames relieve homeowners of heavy maintenance needs and concern over excessive wear. Extreme heat and heavy rains are no match for these durable windows. Once these windows are installed, you can expect them to last for many years with little deterioration of appearance or quality.

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