Air conditions have become an important part of living a comfortable lifestyle. Today people are investing their money in getting their homes centrally air conditioned. One reason for this is that centralized AC systems ensure an even flow of cool air in all rooms and also maintain same humidity levels.

So if you are thinking of buying a central air conditioning solution for you and your family then here are a few tips that you may find useful.

Find a Reputed HVAC Provider and Installer

This is the most important art of getting a centralized AC solution. You need to find a reputed HVAC provider who can understand your requirement. A good way to start is to visit and fill up the form. Based on the information that you share with them they can recommend an ideal solution that meets your needs.


The other way is to look up an HVAC provider in an online directory and contact them to share your requirements.

Cost Breakup

Once you start talking to the provider try to understand the cost break up from them. Usually the overall costing will involve two major types of costs – 1) product cost, and 2) installation cost. Try to understand what you are paying for what service. There may be a chance where you are paying for the transportation or shipping as well.

Understand the Unit Size Requirements

Picking an AC with right unit size is very important. If you end up buying a smaller unit, then your entire home will not be cooled. There would be stark temperature differences in different corners of the house. However, if you end up buying a very large unit then you may end up using more energy than needed.

You can get your installer to come and survey the area of your house and recommend an ideal size of unit for it.

Understand Energy Efficiency Ratings

Most companies today use the star rating system for ACs where the higher the number of stars, the more energy efficient is the unit. So look for star rating label when finalizing a unit.

Understand Maintenance

Ask for the maintenance cycle so that you don’t lose out on any warranties. If possible, ask for an annual maintenance contract so that once your warranty period ends, you still have the periodic servicing being taken care of by the provider.

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