Carpets, whether the traditional woolen ones or the synthetic ones, can earn the credibility of increasing the aesthetic beauty of the floor as well as the whole room where those are spread. But most of the time, owners are least bothered about washing these pieces of art. Proper cleaning and getting stains out of carpets can increase the longevity of the floor rugs.

If you are intending to wash off your rugs, you must get in touch with the professional carpet cleaning company. But before selecting such a service, know about the different types of cleaning methods of these rugs. Whether you are hiring the service cleaners for your personal or residential carpeting, it is important to have a clear idea about the different types of methods used to clean off the beautiful floor mat. Let’s have a look.

Hot Water Extraction

Popularly known as the steam cleaning of the rugs, this is one of the best and traditional methods of washing the floor rugs. Here, the professionals use a high-pressure hot water to clean the lovely clean, soft and healthy carpets by dissolving the dirt from the fiber of the material. After soaking into the hot water the cleaners brush the rugs to remove the stubborn stains and dust accumulated into it. Nowadays, they have the advanced tools and equipment with the help of which they can easily wash off the rugs instead of brushing manually. Normally it takes around two hours to cleaning a usual average office carpet of 3000 sq ft and around 4 hours to dry.


Much before the introduction of the encapsulation process that was introduced in 1970, shampooing was the most popular cleaning methods of the floor rugs. Even today, many old school owners prefer and suggest the cleaners to use this method of washing off the dirt from their carpets whether residential or commercial.


This is one of the most popular ways of cleaning the carpets particularly in the heavy traffic zones such as hotels, restaurants, lodges, inns elsewhere. Bonneting is an advanced process of cleaning the rugs with a heavy duty motorized machine that has a cleaning pad which moves around the rugs to clean off the dirt and stains from the floor covers.

Encapsulation Process

This is one of the most advanced technologies to wash of the dirt from the soiled rugs. This method is also used for the carpet tiles floor coverings. A layer of synthetic foam detergent is used as a base during the encapsulation process. The layer crystallizes into the powder form as it dries up and helps the dirt to loosen from the rug fibers. Later on, it is vacuumed and brushed to remove the foam from the rugs. This advance process has taken over the tradition shampooing process of the floor covers.

From every corner, encapsulation process has received thumbs up for its convenience and environment-friendly products used here instead of depending much on the chemicals.

Dry Carpet Washing

With biodegradable components, the process is undergone. This is one of the advanced types of carpet cleaning methods that is accepted in almost all sectors.

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